The Top 10 Axure Resources

Whether you’re a new or experienced Axure user, the following links will help you become a library-wielding, animation-blasting, prototype-perfecting Axure ninja.  I’d recommend starting with the training items to get used to the basics, and then moving into the pattern libraries with more experience.

Axure Snapshot

This update includes some great new pattern libraries posted by the community.

Pattern Libraries

  1. Ari Feldman’s OSX
  2. AXLIB – Open Source Project
  3. Mine (shameless, yeah)
  4. 960px Grids
  5. Axure’s Official Library


  1. Axure’s Official Examples
  2. Axure’s Official Tutorials
  3. How to do Animations
  4. The Official Axure Forum
  5. How to change Rounded Corner Radius