– Version 2 Wireframes

We’ve been busy over at the Breakthrough Innovation Group working on our passion project, Do the Right  Although successful at first, the original site has become somewhat inactive after the concept failed to produce the real change that we are hoping to make.

Do the Right Thing 2

In the name of transparency and providing a useful example for the design / ux / development community, I’ve posted the Axure prototype for our next version.  We’re pretty excited about the upcoming re-release, and I hope that the prototype can help show a piece of the process that our UX team goes through.

See the Axure Prototype for Do the Right Thing v2

The new design focuses on ideas – which are fundamentally more positive than complaints and compliments, because they are guaranteed to have a call to action.  The final release will have a few changes, and we had the liberty of leaving out some pieces that have already been implemented on the first site, but overall this is a fine example of what a site prototype can look like.

In other news, posts have been slow recently because I’ve made a move to South America.  There are challenges to being a global Web Worker, and I plan on writing a bit about the experience in the future.