Social Widget Library for Axure


Web applications and sites these days are using many social features. This library, compatible with Axure versions 5.5 and up, contains many of the standard widgets you will need to prototype basic social functionality.

You’ll find a lot more than nice looking stencils – these widgets have polished interactivity, for your prototyping and usability testing needs. And always feel free to contact me if you have any requests or additions!

Preview | Download the Widget Library

(place the .rplib file in \My Documents\My Axure RP Libraries\ for it to load automatically when you start Axure)

Widgets in this library

  • Add Friend
  • Email This
  • Favorite
  • Flag
  • Follow
  • Leave a Comment (single and multi)
  • Loading GIF (big and small)
  • Post Status
  • Rating (plus/minus)
  • Rating (thumbs up/down)
  • Rating (stars, with and without label)
  • RSS
  • Save
  • Share This


Add to Friends Widget


Rating Widget


Email This Widget



Although they were developed separately, there’s a bit of an overlap with another neat widget library by Roslyn Zolandor.

Most of the icons in this library are from the awesome Silk Icons pack.

Creative Commons License
Axure Social Widgets Library by Loren Baxter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

  • yintop


  • Todd Baker

    Thanks Loren.

    These widgets save me heaps of time.

  • ash

    Wow,excellent axure widget,thank you for share~

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  • Lutz

    Two hairy thumbs up!

  • Svetlana

    I’ve downloaded .zip with widget library, but there is no .rplib file in :(

  • Loren

    @Svetlana It’s that dang Internet Explorer. For now, try downloading the file using Firefox. I’m going to repost them later today to solve this issue.

  • Dorothee

    Great library, thanks a lot!

  • hmfox

    So cool!

  • jx.guo

    oh,thanks,Looking forward to the discovery and update you morew

  • Thijs

    Hi Loren,

    Unfortunately I can’t get your library to work in Axure (v.5.6 for the Mac)… Too bad it looks great. I tried to download it in Chrome and Firefox. Anu ideas?

  • Loren

    Hey Thijs,

    Thanks for noting this, I’ve fixed the file to work on Macintoshes. Good luck!

  • Everton Web Designer

    Nice, nice! Very Good.

    Sempre é bom ver gente contribuindo. E o Axure é fantástico.

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  • Proger

    Thank you, now my project in Axure looks a lot prettier

  • Robson Santos

    Man, you are the man ;)

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  • Shaz

    Cool library! save me a lot of time :)

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  • canbeing

    what a nice library~~

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  • Erich

    thanks alot for sharing

  •!/jasonfounts Jason

    Great library. Thanks Loren.

    BTW, how did you fix your files for Mac? I have another library I downloaded that is not mac compatible.

  • Loren

    Hey Jason, no problem – just unzip the file with a different unzipper. The native Mac one gets too aggressive with Axure files. I always recommend TheUnarchiver.

  • R. Mason

    This is great!, thanks for sharing.

    R. Mason

  • Eric


  • Philo Yang


  • Yi Liu

    Thanks for sharing


    @LorenBaxter:disqus , Great work, thank you first. I met a problem here:
    The rating widget can be used in the first time. But in the second time, the stars cannot be selected. May i know how to fix it?

  • rothbriele

    Hey Jerr, no issue – just unzip the computer file with a different unzipper. The local Mac one gets too competitive with Axure information. I always suggest TheUnarchiver.


  • hu sherry

    i like it and i want to learn more

  • Mike Ren

    Great resource, thank you!

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    tsk…. nice this what i was looking for!!