Sketchy Axure Widget Library

Design using Sketchy Library

Kevin Wick has posted a very nice sketchy-styled Axure library.  I highly recommend it.

Prototyping in a very low-fidelity visual style generally helps your stakeholders provide feedback at the right level, as discussed in this article, and has been adopted by many other design tools, notably Balsamiq.

  • yintop

    I have download it.

  • coeagan

    Anyone know where we can find this library now? Looks like there is a redirect in place

  • Loren

    No idea.. I’ll try to track it down.

  • notdpling

    Any idea where we can download this library now? Thanks.

  • Loren

    I’ve posted a copy of the library here until Ascentium can get it going again:
    Axure Sketchy Widgets by Kevin Wick

  • matt

    got it ,interesting but I think paper more fast

  • de’ziner

    Does anyone know if an older version of the sketchy widgets was ever created? Axure 6.0 is not backwards compatible. :(

  • Loren

    Not sure, unfortunately I don’t have one. v6.0 has sketchy styles integrated right in to it very nicely, so I think there’s not a lot of people working on that problem any more. Worth an upgrade?