Interaction ’10 Lesson: You’re all Awesome

I attended the #ixd10 conference last weekend in Savannah, and while better bloggers have summarized and analyzed the event, I’d like to share my own brief takeaway lesson.

Let your passion out into the world. Every single one of us is great at something unique, and we owe it to ourselves to share that with the greater community. That’s why I produce all this Axure stuff – because I’m good at it, and it makes people happy. Seriously: happy! That’s a damn good feeling.

Few professions provide this opportunity, this interconnectedness and openness that allow people of any age or location to make an immediate, positive impact across the world. Throughout the conference, as I sat through presentation after presentation of really cool people making really cool things, I realized yet again that the world is there for the improving. For each of us. So take some time outside of work to make something awesome – you’ll get back a thousand times what you put in.


  • Iain

    Wish I’d have been able to go and meet you in person.
    I couldn’t agree more with your post. I felt the same way last year after Interaction 09.

    And, yes, we love all this Axure stuff.

  • veve

    You know it and you share it with us. You’re awesome,too :P

  • john chen

    Great,thanks for your article, we should let our passion out into the world to make people more happy.