Axure Better Defaults Library v2

This is version 2 of the Better Defaults library, expanded to sixty five (or so) interactive and cleanly styled widgets. Use it in place of the standard widget set.

Reasons to use these widgets include:

  • Consistent and improved styling.
  • Polished interactivity.
  • Standardized labeling.
  • Expanded set of shapes & controls.
  • Rollover, MouseDown, Selected, and Disabled styles for most controls.
  • Includes all defaults.

This is for version 5.5 and above. Put the extracted .rplib file in your “My Documents\My Axure RP Libraries\” folder (Windows) or your “Documents\Axure\Libraries” folder (Mac).

Preview |  Download the Axure Library

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  • Lia


    I downloaded this library and then extracted and saved the file. When I double click and open the file in Axure, I see the widget library on the left with all the elements in it and their previews, but when I trasfer any widget on the page, it looks like a box. I am new to Axure, so am I doing something wrong?

    Please help as this is so useful and I’d love to be able to use it too!

    Many thanks

  • Loren

    Hi Lia,

    When you double click the library file, that actually opens the library to be edited! What you want to do is place the file in the default library location: either in the “My Documents\My Axure RP Libraries\” folder (Windows) or the “Documents\Axure\Libraries” folder (Mac). The restart Axure. Once you do that, you can access the library widgets while working on any Axure file by selecting the library in the dropdown in the Widgets pane on the left.

    Hope that helps,

  • Richard

    Thanks a lot! Quite useful to me.

  • Benito

    Dude, these are AMAZING. I just started using Axure regularly in my workflow and your defaults have made life a pleasure.

    I am having one issue with the horizontal menu and perhaps I’m just using it incorrectly. When I add a submenu, the parent menu item link stops working after I generate a prototype. (If I click on it a bunch of times I can sometimes trick it into working)

    Hoping it wasn’t your fine work, I tested the standard Axure default horizontal menu to see if it does the same thing and found that it does… but only if you activate the “hover background color” option.

    This might be a better question for the Axure forums but I was hoping you knew about it and could help a noob try to figure it out.

  • Loren

    Hey Benito,

    Thanks! Glad they have helped. The bug sounds like it’s native to Axure, I’ll forward it along to them.

  • Liulang Mao

    Thanks a lot!U are so nice!

  • Nicolas

    Same as everybody here… big thanx :-)

    i’m a beginner to axure so may be it’s a stupid question : why not use the selected state for the tabs for instance ? it is quit useful when using masters (especially for headers).

  • Loren

    @Nicolas Good question, that would be a good addition. I add selected tabs as separate widgets because some people haven’t figured out the “Selected” state yet (it’s a little hard to find). These libraries should be accessible as well as a learning experience to all. Thanks for the support!

  • Luca Benazzi

    Hi Loren, very well done, just found this and it’s definitely very handy!

  • winterlu

    great,thank you very much

  • Steven

    awesome~ thanks~

  • Felipe de Jesús

    An excellent job. Many thanks for your efforts, developing and sharing such useful resource.

  • Greg Tan

    Great Work! An excellent collection for such a useful resource!

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  • zhoux

    thx. your work is great.


    Tks for your share
    If i can use Axure better,i will design more and more products for the Internet!

  • Timothy

    thanks you

  • jackly

    nice stuff ,thanks a lot

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  • RaHulk

    Gracias majo!!!!

  • coke

    thank you so much!

  • http://none Emily


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  • sockbot

    Just discovered this. Thanks!

  • justwe

    thx~ : )

  • RajkumarSingh

    Nice list of widgets, i have seen just now. Thanks

  • RajkumarSingh

    Nice list of widgets, i have seen just now. Thanks