Launching ReadyForZero

ReadyForZero Screenshot

Today, we’re launching ReadyForZero, a startup dedicated to helping people manage their credit card debt.

When I decided to join ReadyForZero last November, I was burnt out.

Not that life was bad, but my work as a freelancer had left me unsatisfied. A year of subcontracting interaction design work sapped me. The projects I worked on were awesome, but I had about as much ownership over them as I do over clouds in the sky: here one minute, gone the next. Lengthy release cycles, strict NDAs, and end-of-project handoffs meant that I could hardly even talk about the products that saw the touch of my hand.

Don’t get me wrong – the projects were interesting and the people were fantastic, but one needs something more.

That’s why, with the launch of our site today, a page has been turned. This startup has put the spirit back in my step. I own my work. It owns me too. I care so deeply about it that I forget about stuff that doesn’t matter, and appreciate tenfold the stuff that does. I feel… effective.

ReadyForZero is a product designed to solve a real human problem: credit card debt. It’s not something that wants a lot of your time, but a productive and focused tool with a single real goal. At least, that’s the hope. We’ll get trolled, no doubt, and hopefully get some love too. We’ll probably help a few people get out of credit card debt, and that’s what matters.

Be warned: I’m gonna blog it up.

So get your comment buttons out, polish up that unsubscribe link, or just keep on flipping through Google Reader, but don’t think for a second that I will go ten months without posting again. (Sorry about that).

  • Jono

    Did you do all the visual design, interaction design, and illustrations yourself? I love it. I signed up, not because I need help getting out of debt, but because I just wanted to see what the app itself looked like.

  • Loren

    Thanks Jono! I’ve been directing the design effort, but am more responsible for the UX design. We’ve been working with an excellent visual designer, who does our visuals and illustration work.