ReadyForZero: Venture Funded

Our startup, ReadyForZero, just raised $4.5M in Series A funding. This gives us a big opportunity to hire, grow the company, and build more powerful tools to help people get out of debt.

It’s not the end of the world; as Seth Godin says, “I don’t care so much how much money you raised, or who you raised it from. I care a lot about who your customers are and why (or if) they’re happy.”

Dead-on. Which is why I am even more excited about this graph that we put together:

Those are people getting out of debt on our site. Even better, by comparing the lines, we see that more engaged users are getting out of debt faster. Correlation is not causation, but this connection proves that the use of ReadyForZero can play a serious role in helping people. It gives me confidence that I’m making progress to living up to my standards for great designers.

  • Nick

    Any ideas of the why Regular User uptick in debt at week 2? Subsequently, why the progressive divergence after week 6?

  • Loren

    @Nick We haven’t explained it yet, but my best guess would be random variance due to a not-yet-enormous dataset.