Axure Design Pattern Library
This is a library of design and interaction patterns for Axure RP.
The excellent Yahoo Design Stencil Kit has canned wireframe objects for Visio and Omnigraffle.  This is a kit for Axure, a much hotter design tool for prototyping rich interactions.  Take the widgets apart, and see what kinds of cool things you can accomplish with Axure.
This is Version 2, which adds smoothly animated widgets like maps, carousels, and a few other useful ones.
The [beta] widgets use a fake "click-and-drag" techniqe, but they aren't sufficient for user testing.
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The Good Stuff
Download the Axure (.rp) file for the Masters
or continue below to see the different patterns in action.
Checkbox List
Line Ruler
Embedded Video
Expand / Collapse Animation
Inline Edit
Live Search
Photo Scroller
Post a Message
List Box
Radio Group
Text Area
Text Field
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Created with care by:
Loren Baxter
This page generated by, and intended for users of, Axure RP
Advanced Widgets
Simple Form Widgets
Placeholder Text
Carousel w/ Dragging [beta]
AJAX Field Validation
Hover Tip
Field Validation
iPod Menu
Map with Dragging [beta]
v2 Advanced Widgets
New in Version 2
Self-Healing Delete from List
Progress Bar
Tabs Left
Version 2