These libraries are for designers who use Axure RP to create interactive prototypes.

Screenshot of the Better Defaults Library

Better Defaults for Axure – A Widget Library


A library full of over 60 nicely styled shapes, lines, widgets, forms, and other stuff that makes prototyping with Axure a breeze.

This is for version 5.5 and above. Put the file in your “My Documents\My Axure RP Libraries\” folder (Win) or your “Documents\Axure\Libraries” folder (Mac).

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Screenshot of the Axure Interactions Library

Axure Design Pattern Library


There are a growing number of wonderful Axure libraries available on the internet. This library is all about interactions – in it, I hope you will find a few techniques that you hadn’t thought of before, some slick widgets that are just right for your prototype, and a few other useful items such as Lorem Ipsum text and rulers.

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